Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials Overview

If you make products from their raw materials, or supply the raw material to an external manufacturer to produce the finished goods, our Bill of Materials App allows you to track raw materials stock in Brightpearl, and automatically convert them into finished goods once they are assembled.

We take care of the accounting and manage the stock adjustments automatically.

The Bill of Materials App for Brightpearl allows you to :-

  • Create, edit and delete a bill of materials for each of your finished products
  • Check Raw Materials availability for a quantity of finished products
  • Reserve raw materials for a works order or manufacturing run
  • Convert raw materials to finished goods when receipting in the finished products
  • Take account of fluctuating raw material costs from one production run to another and adjust the finished product cost automatically
  • You can take into account labour cost, or any other production costs when calculating the cost of the finished product
  • Allow for wastage when estimating the raw materials consumed during the manufacturing process.

Set-Up Guide

To set-up the App, Perceptium will create a private App in your Brightpearl account.  You’ll also need to prepare your bill of materials in a spreadsheet so it can be uploaded to our App.  The format required is shown below.

Bill of Materials Upload File




We’ll talk you through the rest of the settings to make sure it works with the way you’ve set-up your Brightpearl.


For more information, please email or call using the details below or complete the Contact Us form and we’ll get back