Perceptium is a Brightpearl Systems Integration Partner, providing custom integrations, customised reporting services and developing Apps using the Brightpearl API.

Our in-depth knowledge of the Brightpearl product has been acquired over 5+ years. Experienced in implementing Brightpearl, providing expertise to Brightpearl customers, and building solutions using the Brightpearl API, we offer the following services to our Customers:

Using the Brightpearl API

Using the Brightpearl API, we can access the data held in your Brightpearl account and make use of it within your own applications or other software products and services you use.

Many of these products and services will have their own API tools, allowing us to pass data between systems bi-directionally. This reduces administration, increases process automation, and in doing so, saves money and improves the customer experience.

Brightpearl Systems Integration Services

The following are examples of the type of work we have undertaken for Brightpearl customer’s in the past.

  • Marketplace integrations
  • eCommerce platform integrations
  • Links to 3rd Party Logistics companies (3PL’s) and shippers
  • Integrations to other packages such as CRM solutions, Accounting packages and legacy systems
  • Custom reports and reporting services
  • Customer and Supplier Portals
Brightpearl Consultancy Services

Perceptium provides consultancy services for Brightpearl. These services include product training, advice and guidance on best practice, data cleansing and product data management.

You can tap into our expertise by either purchasing consultancy time, or as many do, retain us to provide expertise on an ad-hoc basis, as the need arises.

In doing so, you gain access to telephone, email and project based consultancy in a flexible and cost effective way.

To find out more about how we can help you, take a look at our Partner profile on the Brightpearl website,  or use complete the Contact Us form