Supplier Stock Feed


The Supplier Stock Feed App allows Brightpearl customers to increase the range of products they showcase on their website.  Drop-shipping means you don’t have to make a massive investment in stockholding. Particularly as some lines may be slow-moving or may not sell at all.

How it Works


Many suppliers will dropship their products on your behalf, so you take the order from the consumer, any they fulfil the order on your behalf.

This offers potential to increase sales without the investment and risk of holding stock.  But it also presents a logistical challenge of ensuring that you show each supplier’s stock availability accurately on your channels to avoid overselling.

The Supplier Stock Feed App provides a quick and easy solution to this problem by receiving stock availability files and updating a ‘virtual’ warehouse in your Brightpearl system.

Of course, it’s not your stock, so the cost price of this stock is always zero so it doesn’t affect your balance sheet.

Inevitably all suppliers are different, and most, in our experience, don’t offer API connections into their own stock management systems.  Generally, they will provide stock availability updates in Excel or csv file format, and the format of the columns will be different from one supplier to another.

The Supplier Stock Feed App works by receiving these files via FTP and storing a column map for each supplier.  We then interpret the columns, match the SKU’s, and apply any ‘condition’ rules you want us to apply like minimum RRP thresholds.

We then compare the quantities for that supplier that you already have in Brightpearl, and apply stock adjustments to match your supplier’s current stock availability.


To set-up the App, Perceptium will create a private App in your Brightpearl account and map each supplier based on sample files you provide us and any condition rules you want us to apply.  There may be a small charge for any condition rules we don’t already cater for in our configuration.

We’ll then provide instructions so you know how to feed the files to us, and run through some test runs before setting the service to auto-process.

Generally files are processed within an hour of being received, and can be sent with whatever frequency your supplier sends them to you.  Typically weekly or daily.


Q: What methods do you support for passing stock updates to your service?

A: Our preferred method of transferring files to our service is via FTP, although we can receive files via a designated email address and strip out the attached excel or csv file.

There are plenty of free to use, File Transfer (FTP) programs you can download and they are pretty easy to use.  If your supplier offers API connectivity to their stock system we could integrate direct, but each one has to be developed to match the suppliers API protocols.  Also, in our experience, many suppliers are surprisingly ‘low tech’, so our solution is suitably ‘low tech’ as well.

Q: Can my supplier send them directly to you?

A: Yes they can if they are willing to do so, and if you are sure they won’t suddenly change the format of the columns without telling anyone first. Most customers are happy to receive them, do a visual check and pass them on to us.

Q: How is the integration supported?

A: The integration is supported directly by Perceptium and we offer both email and telephone support


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