Tesco Direct Marketplace

How it Works


The Tesco Direct Marketplace App runs as a Private App in your Brightpearl account.  You will need to create new listings on the Tesco Direct Marketplace through the Tesco launch portal.  This allows you to upload product images, provide channel specific product descriptions and set your initial selling price.

Once the listings have been approved by Tesco you can establish a connection to the Brightpearl SKU by setting a custom field value on the product record to ‘Yes’.  Once a connection is made, you are able to send inventory updates to Tesco Direct, and optionally price updates.  The custom field also has values for suspending and Ending a Listing so that Tesco can distinguish between ‘out of stock’, ‘end of season’ and ‘end of listing’.

Orders created on the Tesco platform will be downloaded to Brightpearl within a few minutes of them being ‘payment cleared’ on the Tesco platform.  Unless there is a matching email address for the Contact in Brightpearl a new contact record will be created.  Tesco allow customers to create an order without leaving an email address, in these circumstances a new contact record will always be created.

Tesco requires orders to be acknowledged prior to shipment and this is triggered by changing the initial sales order status in Brightpearl.  Tesco also allows customers to select different delivery methods for different parts of the same order, primarily to accommodate Click and Collect.  In these circumstances Tesco splits the order into multiple orders ‘…/1, …/2 etc.  Each split order will be downloaded as a separate order in Brightpearl and the payment amount split to match.

Each different shipping service in Tesco is mapped to a shipping method in Brightpearl.

Payment of customer orders works in a similar way to Amazon, where Tesco settle payment on a cycle after deducting commission.  As there is no method of receiving a settlement file from Tesco, orders are marked as paid on download and posted to a specific payment method and nominal.  This can then be accrued until the payment report is received and then journaled to the bank account with commission posted to a cost of sale nominal.

When a Goods Out note is marked as shipped in Brightpearl the corresponding order is updated in Tesco along with any shipping method and tracking reference added to the Brightpearl Goods-Out note.


To set-up the App, Perceptium will run through a questionnaire and advise on any pre-go-live set-up you need to undertake in your Brightpearl account.  The set-up required in Brightpearl is very straight-forward requiring the creation of a custom field on the product record, a new payment method, and a new sales channel.

You’ll also need to decide on things like shipping methods, order statuses, warehouses to include for on-hand inventory (if you have more than one) and the default warehouse when orders are created.

Once we have the questionnaire we will contact Tesco to arrange for an API key to be issued.  We’ll then install the App into your Brightpearl Account and use the questionnaire to create our integration’s configuration table.  We’ll test the inventory and price updates with you and then manually pull through and process a few test orders from our test rig, before setting the integration to ‘Live’.


Q: Can anyone start selling on the Tesco Direct Marketplace?

A: No, it’s invite only but if you’re interested to selling on the platform we can put you in touch with someone at Tesco

Q: Does the integration deal with Bundle availability?

A: Yes, we pick the bundle available stored on Brightpearl and pass this to Tesco.

Q: How is the integration supported?

A: The integration is supported directly by Perceptium and we offer both email and telephone support


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