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Perceptium is a Systems Integration Partner for Brightpearl. We develop custom integrations and reports, and develop Apps that are available to all Brightpearl Customers. This page provides a list of the Brightpearl Apps available from Perceptium
Brightpearl Reporting Portal
  • The Brightpearl Reporting Portal provides you with a browser based service to run your own customised reports against your Brightpearl account.
Supplier Stock Feed to Brightpearl (Drop Shipping)

Take stock availability feeds from your suppliers and automatically update a virtual warehouse in Brightpearl (and your sales channels) so you can drop-ship products without the risk of accepting orders for out-of-stock items

Brightpearl – Bill of Materials
  • The Bill of Materials (BOM) App allows you to manage raw materials in Brightpearl and convert them to finished goods when they’ve been produced
Bundle Composition Cost

The Bundle Composition Cost App totals the quantity x cost price for all components in a bundle and writes the result back to Brightpearl using a specified price list.  From here it’s easy enough to export a Product Report which includes composition cost price and selling prices so you can easily check your margins.

Allocate Bundle Income

If you sell lots on bundled products on-line, its hard to ascertain the profit margin on bundle components SKU’s.  Our bundle apportionment App re-apportions the income from the Bundle SKU to the component SKU’s so you can get accurate product profit margin reports