Bundle Composition Cost


The Brightpearl Bundle Cost Calculator App totals the quantity x cost price for all components in a bundle and writes the result back to Brightpearl using a specified price list.  From here it’s easy enough to export a Product Report which includes composition cost price and selling prices so you can easily check your margins.

How it Works


Bundles are a great way to ‘package up’ products that might be bought together, increasing average order value and differentiating your offering from competitors.

Using bundles in this way is very popular with Brightpearl users and most marketplace channels and eCommerce platforms support the concept of bundles or ‘kit’ sales.

When you first set up a bundle it’s easy enough to decide on a selling price because you’ll have the component SKU’s in your mind, their individual buying and selling prices, and a pretty good feel for what you want to do by way of discount to encourage consumers to buy them as a bundle.

Roll forward a few months, perhaps in response to a price changes due to currency fluctuations or a better discount from a supplier, and you’ll probably want to review the margin you’re making on your product range, including the bundles you’ve configured.

For simple products this is a relatively straightforward process, just export the relevant products using the Product List and include selling price lists and cost price list. A couple of simple formula and you can work out your margins, adjust, and reimport as an updated price list.

But what about all of those bundles you’ve created?

The bundle SKU will have a cost price of zero, because the product doesn’t exist in its own right. You buy the component SKU’s and maintain these cost price lists through the purchase order process.  So what about the combined cost of the bundle components?

Getting this figure requires a bit of digging. In fact, if you have lots of bundles to review, the process can be painfully time consuming and frankly, harder than you’d want it to be.

The Brightpearl Bundle Cost Calculator App runs as an overnight batch process to recalculate the combined cost of the bundle components and update a designated price list in Brightpearl. So now, checking your margin on bundles, is as easy as inventory managed products.


The set-up process is very straightforward.  Once you’ve confirmed your order with us, you just need to create a new price list and tell us what it is.  We’ll then install the service as an App in your Brightpearl account, test everything is working as expected, and it’s done.


Q: Why do you update a price list with the result?  I’m concerned it might affect something else in my system?

A: The new price list will have no impact on the Cost tab on the sales order screen which right now, is the easiest way to quickly see the component costs and the profit margin. The price list also doesn’t impact on any postings into the accounts, or affect the Sales reports. We could write the result back to a custom field instead, and are happy to do so if you prefer.

Q: Can it deal with Bundle SKU’s that have another bundle SKU as a component?

A: Not currently, although it would be possible for us to build this additional functionality if required

Q: What happens if I buy in one currency and sell in another currency?

A: Currently we calculate everything in your base currency using a designated cost price list, usually the default cost price list. If you purchase products in a different currency and update the default cost price list when receiving supplier invoices, your base currency cost price list will be kept up to date and used when we recalculate the bundle composition cost overnight.  If you sell in different currencies, you’ll need to use a conversion rate to calculate your profit margin when you export the data to Excel. Again, we can add additional functionality to the base App if it’s needed.

Q: Couldn’t you just automatically update my selling prices if I give you my margin parameters?

A: Yes we could.  We can see lots of potential for taking this further in the future and would really like your input into how we can extend the Apps capabilities.

Q: How is the integration supported?

A: The integration is supported directly by Perceptium and we offer both email and telephone support


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