Perceptium is a Systems Integrator, connecting back-office business systems, ecommerce stores and marketplaces, to drive business efficiency and automation. 

Solving problems, building solutions

A key strength of Perceptium is our ability to understand a business issue and provide a technical solution that delivers a high return on investment.

We think in terms of business process, operational need or business opportunity, speaking your language, not technical jargon. That means we can get to the nub of the issue quickly, saving you time, and giving you confidence that we’ll either offer a solution, or point you in the right direction to someone who can.

Over the years, we’ve built alliances with partners – software companies, ecommerce developers, service providers and of course, customers. It gives us a wide range of experiences to call upon, and for you to benefit from.

‘I contacted Brightpearl Partner Perceptium to assist us in developing a solution to a business specific issue we were having with Brightpearl.  I considered the problem to be quite complex and was unsure that what I was requesting would be possible. Perceptium responded quickly, understood the intricacies of my request and proposed a better than expected solution.  The implementation was complete and on time.  Support after installation has been terrific.  Highly recommended!’

Randy Strome, Wiredsport, OR, USA


Our in-depth knowledge of the Brightpearl product has been acquired over 5+ years. Experienced in implementing Brightpearl, providing expertise to Brightpearl customers, and building integrations and customised solutions using the Brightpearl API, we provide the following services:

Integrations with ecommerce solutions and marketplaces
e.g. Tesco Direct

Customised reporting services
e.g. Stock optimisation, sales forecasting, project costing

Back-office data links
e.g. Supplier’s stock availability, integrations to 3rd Party Logistics companies, passing orders to drop-shippers, Amazon Vendor EDI integration

Business Consultancy, Product Support and Troubleshooting
e.g. Anything from data prepping your new range of products to working through your snagging list!


If you think we can help, we’d love to hear from you.  Just call or email using the details below