About Us

Perceptium is a Systems Integration and Consultancy company. We provide consultancy services, build integrations and develop Apps.

We provide the technical expertise to build integrations between the business systems and services that you use. In doing so, we can extend the functional capabilities of those systems, build connections between them, or create customised reports that better suit your specific business needs.

What makes us different, is that we can combine this technical expertise with an in-depth knowledge of the products you use, and the business processes you follow.

We also provide consultancy services, from product training to business process and operational support, bolstering our customers’ in-house capabilities as and when needed, at a fraction of the cost of acquiring and retaining these skills in-house.

Working as a team, we combine practical experience with technical expertise, making it easy for you to communicate what you need and get a better solution, faster, and with less overhead on your side.

Brightpearl Systems Integration and Consultancy Partner

Perceptium is a Brightpearl Systems Integration and Consultancy Partner, a market leading omnichannel retail management system. We work with Brightpearl customers in the UK, US and Europe, providing technical expertise to develop and support custom integrations and customised reports.

We also develop Apps for the Brightpearl platform which are available to purchase directly from Perceptium. You can find out more about the Apps we have available here

Using the Brightpearl API

Using the Brightpearl API, we can access the data held in your Brightpearl account and make use of it within your own applications or other software products and services you use.

Many of these products and services will have their own API tools, allowing us to pass data between systems bi-directionally. This reduces administration, increases process automation, and in doing so, saves money and improves the customer experience.

Brightpearl Systems Integration Services

The following are examples of the type of work we have undertaken for Brightpearl customer’s in the past.

  • Marketplace integrations
  • eCommerce platform integrations
  • Links to 3rd Party Logistics companies (3PL’s) and shippers
  • Integrations to other packages such as CRM solutions, Accounting packages and legacy systems
  • Custom reports and reporting services
  • Customer and Supplier Portals
Brightpearl Consultancy Services

Perceptium provides consultancy services for Brightpearl. These services include product training, advice and guidance on best practice, data cleansing and product data management.

You can tap into our expertise by either purchasing consultancy time, or as many do, retain us to provide expertise in an ad-hoc, on demand basis, as the need arrives.

In doing so, you gain access to telephone, email and project based consultancy in a flexible and cost effective way.

‘I contacted Brightpearl Partner Perceptium to assist us in developing a solution to a business specific issue we were having with Brightpearl.  I considered the problem to be quite complex and was unsure that what I was requesting would be possible. Perceptium responded quickly, understood the intricacies of my request and proposed a better than expected solution.  The implementation was complete and on time.  Support after installation has been terrific.  Highly recommended!’

Randy Strome, Wiredsport, OR, USA

Systems Integration and Consultancy